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Located on Jackson Farm's 150 acre campus the Preservation School for Conservation and Sustainability teaches 19th century skills including Black Smithing, Spinning, Weaving, Food Preservation, Felt making, Butter churning, Hearth Cooking plus many other skills 19th rural North Carolinians took for granted.

Hearth Cooking Workshop Offered

Harth Cooking

Hearth Cooking workshops at Jackson Farm last four hours. Firebuilding instructions, harvesting seasonal vegetables, cooking ingredient preparation, local history of cooking on hearths, and Wild game cooking is explored. Game and vegetables are both harvested from the 200 year old family farm. Dining will follow. Diners will be joined by Tom Jackson and Jan Mann, owners of Jackson Farm.

The workshops are taught by Scott Wrench; both an avid
hunter and cook.

Workshop cost: $125 per person
Workshop location: Jackson Farm Guest House ( Facebook (Jackson Farm Retreat)
Workshop hours: 10a.m. until 2:p.m.
Workshop phone: farm house # 910 567 2978

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